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I'll never drink it again
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Since it was on the menu I thought I'd get a glass so that I could review it. The bartender told me it was "the best absinthe" on the market; he must have read that on their bottle or something.

Color: fake. Not even trying to masquerade as natural. This is the color club kids think absinthe ought to be.

Louche: it took so long I started to worry it wasn't ever going to happen at all. Not particularly thrilling once it go going either, but at least there was something happening.

Aroma: n/a

Flavor: pre-sweetened which I should have remembered so that I could have saved myself a sugar cube. Cloying with it's "fake licorice" star anise flavor and precious little else. I tasted none of the wormwood they taut so annoyingly in the marketing, nor any other herbs.

Finish: it's already been said, but black licorice jelly beans are the nearest thing to come to mind. I finished the glass, but I feel no need to ever revisit it.

Overall: it sets a very bad example and is sure to turn off many casual imbibers. Honestly I would recommend Pernod over this in a heart beat if nothing better was on hand.
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