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(Updated: December 26, 2008)
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Color: From what I understand, the color is artificial, but it's also clear, and natural-looking could be debatable. Grande Absente isn't a bright unnatural-looking green that I've seen on higher rated absinthes, like Mansinthe or Duplais. I would put it closer to Eich, which received a '4.'

Louche: The louche was definitely present and had green and faint blue highlights. I don't know if it was the slow drip, sugar cube, or what-have-you, but the louche was interesting. It started out as a thin layer at the bottom, blossomed into a mushroom cloud effect, and then spread somewhat evenly throughout the rest of the glass. The only reason I didn't keep it at 4 is because the deeper green I usually see in the middle of my louches didn't stay, like in my Eich and Amer, making the consistency the same throughout the whole glass.

Flavor: On a regular "1 to 5" scale, I would give this a 3. However, sticking to the Score Sheet, it's unremarkable and I can taste the alcohol, which isn't any more offensive than a margarita with too much tequila.

Finish: Every average alcoholic beverage I've had has some air of alcohol to it, an acceptable taste making it no different than a Jim Beam and Jose Cuervo. I think if a person is willing to drink Jim Beam or Jose Cuervo then they might be willing to make an exception for Grande Absente as well.

Overall: Grande Absente, to me, represents a baseline for an average consumer. Unfortunately it isn't priced like an average absinthe. I put this in the cheap wine category - good enough for a last minute purchase.

Edit 12-26-2008:
I rescind my baseline comment. If this absinthe was priced like Budweiser (~20% lower than the competition) then I think my opinion would stand. However, with cheaper and better absinthes hitting the U.S. market, I'd recommend ignoring this.
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