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A Little Better than the Worse
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Color: Vibrant lime green, yellowy. Looks like lime cordial. Doesn't look natural

Louche: Starts with a whirlwind of nice trails but then it just gets hazy. No cloudy billowing. Too thin. Color is more natural once water is added. Nice greens with some blue and white.

Aroma: Alcohol, sweet black licorice and water. Faint grass. Simple

Flavor: Candy anise and sugar even though I did not add any sugar. I taste the alcohol. I tried adding water until the alcohol was less present but then it was just way too thin. Some bitterness. Simple and unremarkable

Finish: Mouth feel is thin. Bitterness recedes quickly then you’re left with anise and a numb tongue. The flavor is simple and bland to begin with and therefore there is not much flavor to finish with.

Overall: The label says “Premium” but it is certainly not that. By definition it is not a real absinthe because it contains added sugar. It is cheap and simple. The packaging is misleading and also hypes the thujone content, which for those that know absinthe, is like putting a sticker on the bottle that says “this is crap”. For those that know nothing about absinthe but are curious, I can see why this would be appealing with words like “Premium liqueur”, “bitter absinthe”, “authentic thujone” and “authentic wormwood”. Not a good thing, but if it’s between this, Hills (which doesn't louche and tastes like mouthwash) and Mythe (which has even less anise flavor and also doesn't louche) I would prefer they buy this one. I think beginners could at least find this palatable and hopefully will like it enough to go for something better next time.
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