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I'm left confused by this one.
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Appearance: Clear. Not much else to say about this blanche.

Louche: Holy milky thickness Batman! It is hued at the edges but this is an overly strong louche.

Aroma: A bit strange with come odd notes of cucumber, licorice, anise, camphor, mint, and some other unusual smells.

Flavor: Very licorice root tasting that is also sticky and mentholated. Strong on the cool mint as well. The tastes denote good craft in distilling, so that's not the issue. But the recipe is way off base. It's unusual as all hell.

Finish: Sweetens up as well as the mint becoming more pronounced. The flavor rounds out and improves a bit.

Overall: Well crafted but freakishly unusual. I can usually tolerate a lot of weirdness but this is too far for me to consider absinthe. If this was redone with the same herbs and a stronger influence from the absinthe trinity of wormwood, fennel, and anise I'd probably be more of a fan.
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