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A departure on traditional absinthe
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Appearance: Clear, without any hue or tint.

Louche: Milky and thick. Pretty plain in the color...there isn't much iridescence here.

Aroma: There's a lot of mint, along with a very floral, perfumed scent, and something that reminds me strongly of cucumber.

Flavor: It's FULL of flavor, it's just not a great flavor. Definitely not an absinthe flavor, and I'm not a fan of whatever it is. It's very chilling, and not very smooth, with a fairly flat, floral, perfumey freshness. There is some hint of licorice here...but almost more along the lines of licorice root or star anise, but it's subtle.

Finish: The burning perfume flavors recede into a minty feel that lasts for a little while.

Overall: I do not care much for this one. It seems to be a quality distillation, but doesn't have much along the lines of what I would consider to be absinthe.
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