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A fine drink, but a substandard absinthe
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Appearance: bright and clear, no sediment

Louche: spectacular trails and a heavy, thick fog that rolls and tosses in the glass. Very nice, if a bit thick.

Aroma: unusual, to say the least. It had a familiar smell that took me awhile to place, but I eventually remembered a product we had as children that came in a toothpaste-like tube. We would squeeze out a blob of it on the end of a red plastic straw, then blow through the straw to make rubbery bubbles. This absinthe smelled almost exactly like that stuff. Not unpleasant, but not what I'd think absinthe should smell like.

Flavor: some menthol, some spiciness, a hint of honey, the tiniest hints of the trinity, a touch of mint. It's interesting and refreshing, but it's a long way from absinthe. In fact, I'd suggest this brand to friends who claim they don't like absinthe because of the anise flavor. This one has very little of it.

Finish: nothing spectacular, but nothing wrong with it, either

Overall: I went right down the middle with a three because while it's quite tasty and I do enjoy drinking it, it's so far removed from what I like about absinthe that if I'm in the mood for absinthe, this one won't even come to mind.
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