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Esprit de Sante

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From the distiller: A total of 11 herbs are used in the recipe, whereby 5 herbs are used for colouring. Furthermore, 4 of these 11 herbs are not dried, but distilled fresh, which is very unusual, as almost exclusively dried herbs are distilled in competing products. Green anise (also called fruit anise) is also used instead of star anise, as it tastes significantly softer and more pleasant on the tongue than the liquorice effect of star anise. As the first batch, only 600 bottles were distilled, so that each of these bottles is also of interest to collectors. Nevertheless - please drink these so that you know what is possible in the assortment of top absinthes.

Recommended mixing ratio: 1 part Absinthe Esprit de Santé - 3,5-5 parts ice-cold water and maybe 1 sugar cube

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Another delightful Czech absinthe helping to repair the 'Czechsinthe' reputation
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Reviewed 9-27-22 - Bought from Absinthe-Dealer
Appearance - Gorgeous peridot green. Bright and inviting.
Louche - Wow! Very nice. Great opalescence with greens, blues, yellows, and whites swirling around together.
Aroma - lots going on here. nice anise and wormwood but there's also citrus, juicy fruit, and bazooka bubble gum
Flavor - whopping, punchy flavor at 3:1. lots of wormwood and anise but complimented with peppery cantaloupe and chewing gum.
Finish - slight bitterness with lots of tongue numbing. sassafras and white pepper linger nicely
Overall - this isn't quite a traditional flavor profile, but it's incredibly tasty and traditional enough that I wouldn't punish it for being unique.
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