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A Well Done Absinthe Ordinaire
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color: Lovely light green. Perfectly clear and bright.

Louche: Quick, there must be star anise. Lots of different shades of green. Dark green to light milky green. A little swampy/murky. Very close to a perfect looking verte. A tad more brightness after water was added would bring it there.

Aroma: Star anise fills the room when water is added. After water the aroma is light and balanced. Anise, star anise, light citrus, wintergreen, mint.

Flavor: I found that since it has a high alcohol percentage this absinthe benefits from sugar. Without sugar the alcohol was sharp. When I added water to take away the sharpness it became too thin. With sugar the aromas, flavors and mouth-feel improved. Note: I usually sugar my vertes.
Anise, mint tea, lemon drop, hint of wood and earth, spruce, dry wormwood and there’s definitely bitterness. This does not a have a huge flavor. It is light, simple and well balanced. I pondered whether the bitterness should be toned down a bit. Since the bitterness mostly comes through in the finish i concluded that it does not need to be toned down. Overall, a standard absinthe flavor profile.

Finish: The anise and bright herbs quickly gives way to bitterness and astringent fruit. Lingers quite awhile then recedes into dryness with a mild soapy taste. Lasts until your next sip.

Overall: This is a well-made traditional absinthe. There is nothing about it that really stands out. It is simple, light, balanced and good. I would call this a good quality absinthe Ordinaire. I don’t think it’s trying to be the best, just simple and perfect.
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