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Promising, but still some work to do
(Updated: February 29, 2012)
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UPDATE 5-24-10
I got a new bottle from Mike at Alandia, so I decided to update my review.
Color: A bit lighter than the previous version, but attractive. Old Score: 3, New Score: 3.
Louche: Attractive and opaque, with hints of green, yellow, white and blue. Old Score: 3, New Score: 4.
Aroma: I think I might have overreacted with the aroma in the last batch. It's still quite nice though. Old Score:5, New Score: 4.
Flavor: I'm not getting any of the harshness that was there last time. It's mainly anise. A bit basic, but still tasty. Old Score: 3, New Score: 3.
Finish: This is where the major improvement resides. No acridity at all. Again, it's fairly basic, but tasty. I'd like more wormwood, but the anise lasts for a good while. Old Score: 2, New Score: 4.
Overall: It's hard to believe that they haven't changed the recipe at all. While it's not the most complex absinthe, it's enjoyable. I'd accept a drink of Epoque any day if offered to me. Old Score: 3, New Score: 3.

Coloring seems natural. A nice bright green. Nothing overtly amazing, but nice. The louche is CRAZY.
Aroma brings hints of fennel and anise with wormwood overtones. Very pleasant, but a tad sweet.
The taste is light and refreshing with just a hint of harshness at the end. Maybe spicy is a better word for it. Some people are more attuned to the bitterness, but for me, it's not bad. It's in fact, a fairly enjoyable drink.
Overall a fairly pleasant surprise from Alandia. Definitely drinkable but also a bit overpriced, especially since it's really their first major run at high quality absinthe. Now with Lucid available in the states, they have to set this at a cheaper price to get the business.
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