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(Updated: July 04, 2013)
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I was finally able to try the updated version of VdF, which is now called Enigma Verte. For comparison's sake, I have copied my original review below.

Color: A much more vibrant peridot green compared to the previous version
Louche: a nice build, leading to a well formed, deep louche with hints of yellow and white
Aroma: Lots of anise, but this time around, I can pick up fennel, veronica, and alpine wormwood. Hints of green tea as well.
Flavor/Mouthfeel: Mouth-coating without being too thick. Anise at the forefront, with a nice wormwood 'cleansing effect'. The numbing effect that was very evident in the previous version has been tamed quite markedly.
Finish: Over-steeped tea (in a good way) and anise morph into a pleasant wormwood dryness. Much more pleasant than the previous version.
Overall: Much improved since 2009. A great mid-range, everyday type absinthe. Enjoyable in the traditional drip preparation, and also in dry cocktails.

Original review of Verte de Fougerolles from 3/4/09:

Color: light green with hints of straw (4)
Louche: using the lady fountain, I got some great layering. Louche was extremely thick: almost too thick.(4)
Aroma: lots of anise with a touch of wormwood behind it. I can't make out much else due to the strength of the anise.(4)
Flavor: First impression is nice, with a well rounded sweetness and bitterness playing out, but at the tail end, it does a 180 and has a bit of acridity.(3)
Finish: There's something that I can't put my finger on, but I don't like it at all. Theres just a bit of lingering bitterness.(1)
Overall: If the issue with the finish were to be corrected, this would be an enjoyable, mid-range absinthe that would probably work really well in an absinthe frappe.(3)
Overall Score: 3.3
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