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It is cheap but tasty
(Updated: December 24, 2010)
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It looks like a blanche, but is not that clear. That batch is quite good, the previous batches were yellow-tinged AFAIK.

Louche is turbulent and ends opaque.

Since absinthe is rather simple, the aroma is a surprise: The scent of aniseed, a sugary aniseed, but not star anise, no herbal aroma, pleasant.

Anisy with bitter undertone. Very simple, simpler than in Segarra which contains wormwood and anise only. Mouthfeel is not heavy, it is too short. Anise, anise, maybe fennel, some star anise and wormwood in the finish. Wormwood is pronounced too strongly and anise profile is too sugary. Libation is pleasant, 1:3, yet the herb-bill requires much work.

It is absinthe ordinaire albeit without antimony chloride or methanol:) Good sipper, needs cuts on anise. Pleasant and that is all. Could be elaborated more.

Interestingly, some people found in the previous batches the astringent bitterness which is not present in this one.
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