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What? From Germany and Without an E?
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This is definitely an Absinthe and not an absinth by our standards. It is properly made and very well done at that. The color is a deep green and louches beautifully both in the process and final result. The aroma is fantastic, complex, and room filling. The flavor is well balanced, rich, complex and interesting, everything to rate a five on our scale. I found it to be very spicy. Now, typically when I use the word "spicy" in an Absinthe review, I am referring to a warm apple pie type of spice and not a hot/peppery spice. The Eichelberger spiciness, however, is black peppery. This flavor comes at the end and lasts into the finish.

This Absinthe is very well done and one of the best available. It is not my favorite because of the spiciness but I highly recommend it anyway.
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