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Edward is not Edouard
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Absinthe is clear and presents a nice turbulent louche with oil trails and more, what is pleasant to observe. Once louched it shows a gentle opacity with little blueish notes at the edges.

Aroma is built on a very strong pronounced rosemary, chamomile a like note, not particularly of absinthe realm, but intriguing enough to take the first sip.

Upon tasting it is emulsion, or emulsifier akin, a strange bite outta nowhere, despite 1:2 dilution. Mouthfeel is thin and very minty, but not from wormwood. Taste is spicy, there is a strong cloying from anethole in the back, there are very few herbs, as if used very sparingly. 1:1.5 absinthe is still harsh from alcohol, a little more water it fades, but looks like the quest for wormwood is gonna end as with Obsello.

A blanche that needs major enrichments and hard work. Not that bad, but not good, either, going in the direction of raki or ouzo.

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