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Not bad for a first batch, but can be improved.
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Color: No visible defect.

Louche: Very oily louche with lots of trails. Gradual clouding, fully louched by about 1:1 with ice-cold water from a fountain. It's ends up a lot thicker than I was anticipating based on what I was told. Still a little light compared to my favorite blanches, but not as bad as I was led to believe.

Aroma: Pre-louche, it's a little warm. Not surprising for a young absinthe. Vegetal with some sweetness. After louche, there's a hint of earthy sweetness along with some anise. I don't get a lot of wormwood at all, which is unfortunate. Light and fresh.

Flavor: A little thin. The producer explained to me that this batch came out lighter in flavor than they wanted, so I expect this to change in future batches. I hope that's the case. It's not bad right now, but it's so light, I kept thinking that I could stick it in lemonade as a summer refresher.

Finish: I pick up on the mintiness on the exhale as well. A bit of white pepper on the back of the tongue. Recedes a bit quicker than I would like. I also expect that to change.

Overall: Not bad. It's not my favorite blanche, and it certainly has some work to do, but it seems as though the producers know what needs to be done, and hopefully will make the tweaks necessary to keep this product competitive. I'd rank it below Clandestine, but above Kubler.

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