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Decent, but nothing to write home about
Overall rating
Color: Clear and attractive. No visible sedimant or flaw.

Louche: Quick and turbulent, leading to a nicely formed, yet still a bit translucent finish product.

Aroma: Fresh, with touches of mint, fennel and anise. Not a lot of wormwood detectable.

Flavor: Muted, but enjoyable. Well balanced, but nothing notable.

Finish: As with the flavor, it's just 'there'. Good, but unremarkable.

Overall: What can I say. It's nice. It's enjoyable. It's just not very unique or attention grabbing. Would go great in cocktails I imagine. But it's really not anything I'd go out of my way to try to buy, especially with so many other good products available in the states.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1