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Pre-louche: Proper, vibrant peridot. Brilliant color. Aroma is exactly what you'd expect a good absinthe to smell like with nothing strange lingering in the shadows.

Louched: Milky green. Aroma is not as aggressive as some absinthes - but is, again, proper and an expected aroma. I so wish the pre-louche aroma would carry over more strongly!!! Louche is thick and creamy. Taste is good - nice bitterness from the wormwood. A bit of bite from the alcohol (as others have noted). Definitely not as complex and herbal as others but still quite balanced and welcome.

Just very balanced, overall. Nothing to make it really stand out from others - but it is good, clean, natural, traditional, and authentic absinthe... and that is what really counts! Nice that this can be acquired in the United States - as there aren't a lot of European absinthes this way.
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