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Duplais Blanche is Pretty Good!
(Updated: September 06, 2011)
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Edited after 2 bottles with over a year of sampling. 4:1 is where I like it best.
I don't sugar blanches, and this certainly would be too sweet with sugar.

Color: Perfectly clear and sediment free

Louche: Slow forming clouds roll and build with a nice layer above. Almost opaque, but still had some light playing through it.

Aroma: A classic Swiss blanch character in the aroma, Anise and fennel and some light hint at flowers and herbs. During louche, it opened up a bit, but still not quite room-filling.

Flavor: If you like anise up front, you'll enjoy this. Sweet and delicious. The wormwood is there however, and just right for this profile. Nice baking spices in the mix as well.

Finish: A nice slow pull and steady build that adds more elements than the flavor, but just at the right time as to mingle with the flavor nicely. Pepper and citrus build and linger before fading slowly.
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