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The Perfect Blanche?
(Updated: April 17, 2010)
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Color: Perfectly clear distilled blanche. Color is perfectly white when fully louched.

Louche: Nice complex oil trails followed by complex swirling cloud activity. Very good overall. Louche is not slow, but not so fast when compared to Kübler. Pleasing louche show for a blanche.

Aroma: Nice fresh anise and fennel, hints of vanilla. Other fresh herbs are present, the aroma is fresh and crisp. Bottle has strong odor of alcohol. Normal? It would seem so.

Flavor: A tad sweet. Does not need sugar. Complex fresh herbal background makes it quite special. Vanilla- or vanilla-like overtones would make it an excellent refreshment for summer days. Fine grape-based spirit seems a perfect complement for the fresh herbs. Simply excellent.

Finish: Absinthe Duplais Blanche is very special. The freshest herbs and vanilla- or vanilla-like overtones are combined with a nice grape spirit-base that causes no bad aftertaste. The finish matches the beginning and "middle:" simply refreshing, simply delicious, a very fine elixir indeed.

Overall: Can Absinthe Duplais Blanche be more excellent? I haven't experienced a better blanche, not even close. Thank you Duplais. If others know of a better blanche, then please tell us. At this time, I don't think it can get better than this. This gets my highest rating, except the louche is not quite as good as some "verte" styles that I've tried. No big deal there. Otherwise, it's five stars all the way.

Update April 16, 2010: I'm not changing my score, but I give this high marks mostly as a "dessert absinthe." It would go great with fine pastries. It is quite sweet and the taste of vanilla is undeniable. I might not give La Clandestine as high scores, but it would more likely be my go-to blanche for regular consumption. I'd prefer to save the Duplais Blanche for special occasions, when a "dessert absinthe" is desired; or when "sweets for the sweet" is in order.
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