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White Jade
(Updated: March 25, 2010)
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Absinthe Duplais Blanche is a very enjoyable offering. From the bottle, it pours perfectly clear and attractive, and with the addition of water it slowly becomes a ghostly jade. The louche builds very deliberately, with "oil trails" like wisps of white smoke that at first vanish and then later thicken into a pearly fog. The final louche is silvery-white, nicely translucent, and remarkably attractive.

The aroma before water is mild and herbal; after water, it is much the same. It is so faint as to almost merit a '3,' but I could not call it "peculiar" or "unbalanced," so I awarded it a '4' though only just. The flavor is better, with intriguing notes of herbal bitterness. This is an absinthe I like to take my time with, so as to enjoy every subtle nuance.

The finish brings it all home, with an arresting spiciness building on the herbal foundation. The finish lingers pleasantly, with just a hint of numbing at the sides of one's tongue.

Overall, Absinthe Duplias Blanche is a winner. Though it lacks some of the complexity of the Duplais Verte, I nevertheless recommend it very highly.
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