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Appearance: This absinthe shows a very nice example of a clean peridot color. It is also somewhat on the lighter and yellow side.

Louche: The louche ends up uneventfully thin. It is almost a light swamp or seaweed color with blue edges.

Aroma: Very sweet and anise forward. Wormwood and mint contribute a camphorus tone. Otherwise this absinthe displays a very traditional profile.

Flavor: The alcohol base is very noticeable as a grainy and sugary texture. Anise and coriander use highlight the spikey and rough edges of the base spirit as well. The mouthfeel is astringent and the wormwood is in the background.

Finish: The finish stays the same as the flavor with the exception of the wormwood and mint showing up a bit more. The finish lasts quite a while and the chalky tone that is expected from Matter absinthes shows up just a bit.

Overall: If not for the overpowering base spirit this absinthe would be very decent, although basic.
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