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(Updated: July 16, 2011)
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The colour is a fuille morte olive. More green around the edges and brownish in the middle. Clear with no sediment. It has a very pronounced-smelling wine base. Spicy, but with subdued absinthe herbs.

The louche is quick, thick, and full. Golden with a green sheen, but a tad too dark.
With water it smells primarily of fruity anise and floral wormwood. Cinnamon and lime notes, but foresty.

It has a very sweet and full character. The floral quality of the wormwood stands out immediately but the strongest flavour is the juicy green anise. Not terribly bitter. Complex but difficult to pick out the subtleties. Outside of the anise everything is very well blended.

It's a bit more numbing than appropriate with a very mouth-coating texture. Wormwood comes more to the front during the finish but it isn't as complex or long lasting as hoped.

There are things that can be nit-picked but taken as a whole it's really a very impressive and delightful absinthe. It's foresty and wintry, exactly what I'd want on a cold, dark day. I'm finding it very similar to L'Enjoleuse.
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