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(Updated: July 09, 2011)
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Well, here we have another wonderful absinthe from Delaware Phoenix. It pours an attractive peridot green, tending toward the yellow-gold, and louches to an attractive, yellow jade. The louche forms correctly, with "oil trails" and billowing clouds. It is pretty, though perhaps not quite as pleasing as its cousin Walton Waters.

The aroma is delightful. Before water, it is mild and fresh, with a touch of alcohol in the mix. After water, it is mild and floral, with delicate spicy notes.

The flavor is similarly floral and delicate, but with a pleasing underlying bitterness which lingers in a long and complex finish.

There is nothing here I would change. I slightly prefer the more boldly herbal Walton Waters, but Meadow of Love represents a different style, executed to perfection.
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