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Meadow of Love
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This review was conducted with 1 sugar cube, a 4-to-1 ratio, and per the Absinthe Evaluation Instructions.

Color: I don't know if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but looking at the absinthe through the side of the glass the color was there. Looking inside it seemed thin, darker closer to the center.

Louche: Really nice louche that started pretty quickly and didn't get too thick.

Aroma: Nice aroma and noticeable at first whiff.

Flavor: Nice flavor, which seemed different from the aroma. I definitely like the citrus back end.

Finish: It's definitely interesting. I definitely like the citrus feel to it.

Overall: It's one of the first absinthes that has challenged me on picking out the nuances. The flavors are not muddy but very complimentary, which made it a challenge for me to see, for example, which nuance went with the wormwood and which was related to the lemon balm.
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