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Meadow of Love, Delicate Verte with Floral Poetry
(Updated: May 17, 2009)
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Presentation (no points): The bottle is a clear glass bell, nicely labelled. Clear glass is not ideal for protecting the absinthe from light, so dark storage is ideal. The cork popped out easily despite the wax seal, could probably use more wax if a tight seal was desired.

Color (5 points): Lovely natural green, clear and free of any sediment. Very appetizing. Looks a touch young, but I couldn't wait any longer to open it!

Louche (5 points): Excellent louche, thick, full, and rich.

Aroma (5 points): Anise and herbs are first, followed by a touch of floral aroma, smells like springtime. Wonderful.

Flavor (4 points): Nicely balanced flavors, herbal softness throughout, I found myself craving to taste a bit more of the floral character I can smell.

Finish (4 points): Soft finish, slight numbing in the middle of the tongue. The herbal flavors remain and once again I would only wish to taste a bit more of the floral character.

Overall (4 points): The U.S. domestic absinthe market is beginning to have an embarrassment of riches with such high quality yet subtlely crafted absinthes being made available for us to enjoy. Meadow of Love is a wonderful addition to the absinthe cabinet, it is distinct enough from it's sister absinthe, Walton Waters, to merit getting both. If I had any request it would be to introduce more of the lovely floral hints that were a bit of a tease at their current levels.
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