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A darker green than Walton Waters, but this just makes it more enticing. Truly a beautiful color


Superb louche with a little over a 3:1 cold water ratio. Plenty of interesting changes in the glass, and a nice amount of that beautiful color remains in the finished product.


I have no sense of smell, so I can't comment on this.

flavour and finish:

What a fantastic mix of herbs! No funk, no over the top aspects. The mouthfeel is delightfully creamy, and a pleasant numbing of the tongue towards the end doesn't detract. I've always sugared my absinthes, but this is one I intend to try with just water. Not that it is sweet, just that the herbs seem to be creating a distinct experience that my sugar may be masking. Perhaps it is knowing that this absinthe is made in small batches, but everything points towards a lovingly prepared, "hand made" flavor. It makes me think of absinthe's origins as a tonic. Meadow of Love will cure what ails you.


This is an excellent entry in the market, and another feather in the cap of American-made absinthes. Great flavor and a real surprise are in store for anyone who buys a bottle.
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