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Sweet Kitty
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Having enjoyed both Walton Waters and Meadow of Love many times over, this new bottling of Blues Cat provides both familiarity while standing out on its own.

The color is a light hay - more yellow than green and quite light. It definitely smells what you'd expect from Delaware Phoenix, neat. As water is applied - the louche is pronounced, swirling, and fast. Like all the DP absinthes - the louche is nice and thick (and nearly white) when fully prepared. The taste of this absinthe is incredibly sweet. Really almost too sweet (please do not even consider sugaring this). The finish is uncompliced with a good length and it provides some tingling as well.

Overall a nice absinthe - but probably not something I would purchase a full bottle of simply due to the sweetness. I find all of the DP absinthes to be on the sweet side - but this one goes overboard for me. I want to stress that this is a personal preference and if you enjoy sweet absinthes - you will probably LOVE this. Nicely made - just not my cup of "tea" :)
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