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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
(Updated: September 02, 2014)
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This one is very interesting, and quite distinct from the other offerings from Delaware Phoenix. Blues Cat pours an attractive gold-peridot, and pouches nicely to an attractive yellowish jade. The aroma is fresh, herbal and bracing, with interesting spicy notes that become more pronounced as water is added. However, the flavor and finish are what make the Cat unique: this absinthe is strongly spicy, with intense white pepper notes. The anise is comparatively low in the mix, but the soft bitterness of wormwood is present and substantial, which keeps this absinthe balanced. The finish lingers, with the spicy notes predominant.

Overall, I like this absinthe very much; of all of the spicy/peppery absinthes I've had, this is the best. I still tend to prefer Walton Waters for its classic flavor profile, but Blues Cat makes for an excellent deviation from the norm.
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