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Finally, fennel!
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Appearance: A very nice light citrine color with hints of a apple-y green when viewed in sunlight, but can appear near-peridot in certain light.

Louche: Extremely thick and opaque, and becomes nearly white, while maintaining a greenish glow with some lurking rusty highlights.

Aroma: After adding water the scent expands a good deal, with deep peppery notes and a enticingly big fennel scent.

Flavor: There's definitely a bit more focus on the fennel in this particular absinthe, which is certainly welcome. It doesn't come across as particularly wormwoody or camphorous, and instead has a velvety candied violet and lemon curd-esque citrus that really explodes when swished around.

Finish: The finish is mouth-watering, but clean, with a bit more anise present along with a cucumber-like juicy flavor.

Overall: It's nice to see a different balance of herbs in an absinthe and have fennel get the spotlight for a while. I was also impressed at how Blues Cat is extremely versatile at a number of dilutions, both extremely low and high amounts of water have been interesting, and not at all undrinkable.
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