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(Updated: June 07, 2012)
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Pre-louche, my particular bottle is a lighter and more yellow shade of peridot. Goes without saying but I see very little importance on this factor and know it's discoloration could be do to a number of different factors. Post-louche, not much color carries over and it becomes very neutral for a verte.

Moderately paced louche that is complete at about a 1.3:1 ratio. I stopped the dilution at about a 4:1 ratio and it's still on the heavy end. I would agree with the other reviewers, it is pearlescent at the drinks extremities but doesn't quite make it to opalescent.

Most fragrant when dilution is paused at the 2:1 and 2.5:1 mark. Fennel that's sweetened with anise and supported by a woodsy element, a dark mint. Overall a very mouth watering aroma.

Flavor And Mouthfeel
Sweet, woodsy and creamy...wonderful. Fennel-forward accompanied by anise and mint but after rolling over the tongue a spicy wormwood drops in. All flavors build together in a very luscious but harmonious way. Each element of the trinity ride their way on silky carriage. While I enjoy the thicker louche those who are not so fond of this mouthfeel may find their palate over-matched.

Lingers with a playful peppery bite, some tongue numbing as you get down the glass but pleasant. All flavors are present but wormwood is now more dominant. Still has great depth and is long lasting. As stated by others the aftertaste seems to build up almost to cause a slick teeth feel but I don't find it to be a turn off.

Overall Impression
My first impression was that BC compared more with a blanche than a verte. Still highly complex with quality herbs but less grassy and floral. BC is mellow and harmonious but still savory and rich. I look forward to enjoying the two bottles I've purchased and seeing how allowing them to breath enriches any characteristics.

Hopefully no one views this caricature as too strange but I liken BC to a double stuffed Oreo. It's a weird thought and I can't get it out of my head. Perhaps its just the interplay of the oreo's creamy center and minty cookie that remind me of Blue's Cat. To me both are delightful. If only it wasn't necessary to moderate my consumption of both.

*Review was made on the third sitting with a final dilution ratio of 4:1.
**This is also my first review, on this site, and any comments or questions would be appreciated.
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June 07, 2012
Great job on your first review. I look forward to reading more of them!
July 24, 2012
Great first review. Keep em' coming.
2 results - showing 1 - 2