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This is a nice surprise.
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The colour is darkish olive green but with no sediment or haze. Nice and natural. It smells peppery and honeyed. Citrus. Balance of wormwood and anise but it's mellow.

The louche is quick, resulting in a medium thick, fairly dark, opalescent olive. A tad dingy. With water the anise and wormwood come forward a bit. Bell pepper and some mintiness.

This absinthe is profoundly sweet and lemony upfront. Very anisey. Wormwood is there but plays second fiddle. Flavours of cola, powder, mint. Definitely candylike. There's an underlying cologne character.

It's fairly numbing but not too bad. The sugary anise flavour lingers for a long time but there isn't a lot of complexity to it, other than some lemonbalm.

I'd call this a dessert absinthe. It's the sweetest one I've ever had that didn't have added sugar and the selection of herbs is very refreshing after a meal.
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