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I have been following the development of Butterfly since the time its creator called it simply AA-American absinthe.

In comparison with the early prototypes and the unofficial run, the fully-fledged Butterfly is a remarkable journey to the times of America, Europe when the clock of the ban was still silent.

Absinthe yields a perfect olive green, dark tourmaline colour, I hearsay in some people’s bottles it went feuille morte what speaks more in favour of the right colouration.

The louche is a tad thicker than I have desired from the prototypes (they had a lighter louche), nevertheless here we can see the winning hand of Claude-Alain.

Aroma reveals the complexity of a verte, the most dominant notes are that of crisp zests of citrus, mellow licorice, a slight touch of peppermint and other unusual flavours.

They trap the sipper just in the middle of tasting. Flavour of that absinthe is not traditional and it has never intended to be. It was made having in mind the American palate preferring sweeter, candier and robust spicy notes. And that intention has been realised to the fullest.

Due to the prominence of American, Bostonian character of the spirit, the wormwoodiness is slightly less accentuated in the finish.

Nevertheless, it is a truly American absinthe made with skills and artistry, if coming from Switzerland.

Haven’t had the other of the newer European offerings, but I am still sure they won’t dethronize Butterfly.

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