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Float like a butterfly, sting like a... butterfly?
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Appearance: A very light and clear olive green. Nothing bad but nothing special either.

Louche: Just slightly too thick but not bad at all. Not too hued either but a soft pastel green.

Aroma: Very noticeable citrus and anise smell. Wormwood and spice add a nice balance. A bit simple but still interesting in its balance.

Flavor: The flavor is light in weight much like a blanche. Citrus and anise proudly open the door for a nice wormwood and fennel dance. Nothing too complex but nicely playful. Star anise is detectable via a grainy sweetness but it's not overpowering and has been used in moderation. It's light but there's a decent amount going on here.

Finish: A slight mint and proud citrus-anise combo take over the finish with a nice display of peppery/spice tones showing more here than in the flavor. The star anise lends a heavy type of sweetness as well, almost medicinal. The wormwood dies out quickly though.

Overall: A well crafted basic absinthe that allows each flavor component to shine, each in their own way. The star anise use throws off the finish a bit. The wormwood is not over the top but in a nice balance that doesn't dominate the flavor. Simple but not in a bad way.
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