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A very good traditional Absinthe
(Updated: October 08, 2014)
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Boggy Absinthe # 4. This sample was given to me a long time ago and I tasted at May 17th, 2014. Sampled at 3:1 without sugar, using a fountain. I don’t have too much experience; my taste buds are very “noob” (not in question of time, but in contact with Absinthe in itself)! But, here we go!!!

Appearance: Looks like an old brandy! Clean and bright.

Louche: Dense (a little less than Zubrsinthe) with clouds in the bottom of the glass. This is beautiful! Opalescent!

Aroma: Aroma of anise and wormwood. Fennel in complement. Angelica further ahead than the previous boggy. Mentholated and very aromatic wormwood. Hyssop like baby powder. There is a little Veronica? Of the three samples that is my second favorite, with Zubrsinthe in first place. A classic absinthe in all aspects.

Flavor / mouthfeel: As always, your recipes are too complex for my novice palate. It has nuances that I cannot describe. The taste is fantastic. There was a noticeable improvement in this version. A bit sweeter than the previous version and more aromatic. Classic with a twist that I cannot describe. I need a whole bottle to describe it better! Heheh ...

Finish: The finish is long. Wormwood, hyssop and A.pontica are three herbs that catch my eye on the finish and the smell of this absinthe remains in the glass even with the empty glass.

Overall: It has nothing to change here. It is a worthy Absinthe top of the list. Classic, intriguing, complex, mature. The mouth asks another sip.

PS: Sorry for the english, this is not my language, I hope you understand...
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