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Unique Blanche
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Color: Very clear color. Looks almost like water or vodka. Small distillate floating in suspension but not much. Very small and very imperceptible.

Louche: The louche starts well paced. The oil trails act up a bit then it clouds up in a smoke-type way. Reminds me of dry ice a bit. At 1:3 the louche is fairly thick with a tint at the top and overall cloudy louche as opposed to a milky one.

Aroma: Peppery and floral. Anise and fennel detected but not out front. Different but not off in any way.

Flavor: Very sweet without any sugar. Floral and anise sweetness hit first giving way to a peppery bitterness. Not too complex but still stands out among blanches with a unique taste.

Finish: The finish builds slowly and is pleasing. It lasts a good while and is very smooth. It doesn't change much from the flavor but that's not a bad thing at all.

Overall: Smooth and well done. I like this blanche quite a bit. It is not complex and doesn't surprise in any way but is very well done for aiming at a slightly different blanche taste.
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