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A Blanche Of A Different Color
(Updated: June 19, 2012)
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Unlouched, clear with a slight tinge of gold/bronze. It doesn't look tainted, rather a quite high-class tint. Otherwise perfectly clear and free of sediment. Louched, milky white with a slight bronze undertone. Glints of gold and grey/violet at the edges give the final color some three dimensionality. Nicely vibrant, and although not textbook color, very attractive.

Nice thick oily looking trails and good layering immediately. Nice refractions, especially in a bubble glass. Cloudiness builds quickly on the bottom and it all starts to go opaque by 1/1. While it's going, it is fun to watch. The final "weight" of the louche is just right. Typical of Mr. Breaux's work in this area.

Now here's a new twist for me in a blanche. Instead of the usual up-front presence of anise and fennel, this is very wormwood forward. Herbal, floral, very alpiney. Anise and fennel are there in good support, but there's no doubt that this is a wormwood drink. Show this to n00bs to illustrate alpine. The sense of flowers here is just amazing. Not just bright like a typical La Bleu. More tan and woody tones. The grape base is evident.

Mouthfeel is nice and creamy. Wormwood, fennel up front. Anise is there, but secondary. Lots of dusty tan flavors... hay, straw, florals, chamomile. The anise makes itself known in the form of a prickliness on the palate, the intensity of which is dependent on dilution. A slightly earthy underpinning, probably the grape base, talking again.

A nice fade from all of the nose and palate impressions. Really easy "pull" and drying on the palate and tongue. There's a lingering sweetness from the anise and fennel that balances this nicely.

Well now, this is certainly a blanche of a different color. I really like this. It's more like a winter blanche. This is not frail, at all. There's lots of stuffing to this one. It's sophisticated, serious, and settled. Very grown up. It needs water, and at least 4/1, in my opinion. This drink is all about the wormwood and florals, so that dilution where the prickle of the anise settles down, is the perfect point. I wouldn't want to fight its nature by under watering it.

2/11/10 Revisit - Just to make sure I am certain how I feel about this, I have also louched up short doses of two others of my favorite blanches, to serve as a comparison. And interestingly, what I find is that I really like all three, but the Blanchette seems to combine the best aspects of the others. In aromatics and flavor, this really has it all. From base to top notes, there is a clarity, definition, delineation, and consistent character that makes this first class. Most of my original comments remain the same with the exception of added comments in "Louche" and "Aroma". Score changes have been made to "Color" and to "Aroma" to reflect my current observations. Although I personally do not find the color off-putting, I realize now that with the tint mentioned, it does not deserve a 4.

Changes to my initial scoring are:
Color - Changed from 4 to 3.
Aroma - Changed from 4 to 5.
Overall Rating - Remains the same at 4.2.

Done with a 1 ounce dose, diluted 3/1, 4/1, and 5/1 and no sugar.

Blanchette 12/17/08, 1/10/09, 2/15/09, 2/11/10
All evaluations had consistent notes
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