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French style blanche
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The review was conducted 2/9/2010 from a well-stored bottle.

The results of that tasting are really impressive since when fresh from the bottle without aeration the blanche was so-so.

Colour is clear and produces a bubble

Louche is not in the vein of les bleues, but is a typical, tonned-down French blanche louche

Aroma is composed of orchestra of wormwood, a little genepi, chamomile and some earthy notes from angelica.

Being so invited it is a great disappointment with the flavour: Overbalanced. Coriander in the very end with veronica. Middle palate is built of chamomile and wormwood, genepi comes over at 1:4, but it is the the maximum dilution, 1:3 is perfect. The alcohol seems to be of top notch quality unless it is 74%

A blanche indeed but needs some cuts in the anise department, the mouth-feel is sticky and heavy. I believe that problem has been omitted finally in Double, which it is to some extent quite similar.
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