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A decent blanche
(Updated: September 25, 2008)
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Color: A nice, bright, clear absinthe

Louche: Nice and thick with a great opalescence when done. It's not too quick to form, which lends another level of enjoyment when preparing.

Aroma: Before louche, it's got a pretty nice, fresh smell, but louching brought out something I'm not a huge fan of. Kind of musty. There's a lot of nice things in here as well, but I think it's the base alcohol that lends that undertone of unpleasantness.

Flavor: Sweeter than I was expecting, but it also has plenty of nice wormwood mintiness. A good depth of flavor, but nothing 'standoutish' about it. It's very enjoyable, but unremarkable.

Finish: Nice wormwood bitterness, but a little hot.

Overall: Overall, this can be a staple blanche in any bar. It's pretty enjoyable, but suffers from some of the same funkiness as other absinthes that use grape base. Most people won't notice the 'funk', so don't let that worry you about buying it.
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