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Complex Wormwood Bomb
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Appearance: An extremely clear light green. It's almost a blanche.

Louche: This louche is very nice. Shadowy and reflective of ambient colors. A near perfect level of translucence.

Aroma: The aroma is very wormwood forward with plenty of citrus and floral notes for accent. The smells are akin to meyer lemons and bergamot in combination. Anise and a soapy fennel smell are far in the back.

Flavor: The wormwood really pops out with a bitter tone. Small amounts of citrus and a peppery note accent as well as a menthol tone in the back of the palate. Anise seems to play second fiddle at best. The fennel seems to contribute more towards mouth-feel than flavor with an astringent smoothness. It is a slightly more complex wormwood bomb.

Finish: Wormwood ramps up as expected. As the finish lingers the anise becomes more apparent. The finish leaves a clean sensation but numbs after a few sips.

Overall: A wonderfully idiosyncratic wormwood bomb. Slightly more complex than other showcases of wormwood tend to be.
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