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Simply outstanding.
(Updated: August 06, 2012)
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The absinthe pours a bright peridot.Ideal with no debris or haze. The aroma is minty and fruity. Lots of wormwood, with the anise present but subdued.

The louche is quick to build, but ends just slightly thin. Rich, opalescent, pearly jade, textured with gold and blue. After water the aroma is very balanced and rich. Anise has come forward, wormwood has moved back just a bit. Citrus notes, some spice. Very fresh.

It has a full, sweet flavour with wormwood upfront, followed by a big dose of anise and fennel. Very little bitterness. Surprisingly thick and warm mouth-feel for something so summery and refreshing. A bit spicy but not overdone. Purfumey and minty.

Fruity anise dominates the finish, trailing into fennel with wormwood just pulsing underneath. Mouth-watering and infectious.

This is quite a delightful absinthe, among the best available. Having been out of the loop I had no idea what its reputation was when I tasted it, but I'm not surprised to see how well it's regarded.
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