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(Updated: January 24, 2011)
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I am afraid I have to buck the trend on this one.

La Berthe de Joux is very pretty. It pours a lovely peridot green, and louches to an attractive jade, with all the usual visuals. Perhaps the louche is a trifle thin, but not enough to penalize. The aroma before water is pleasant: herbal and fresh, with a bracing tonic scent from the alcohol.

After that first impression, however, I found it rather disappointing.

Aroma, flavor, and finish are all dominated by an intense peppery flavor that tends to obscure the anise and wormwood. This comes as a great surprise to me, as I generally love Emile Pernot's products (including the controversial Roquette 1797). Generally, however, Pernot can be counted on to produce a balanced (or at least nuanced) product. This one lacks subtlety.

Overall, I think it shows promise, but I would rather drink Vieux Pontarlier, the Roquette, or Doubs.

UPDATE: This absinthe has improved considerably since I first opened the bottle...more than I have previously seen with any other brand. While the flavor remains a bit one-dimensional, with "white pepper" dominating all other flavors, it has mellowed a bit and I find I'm enjoying it more. Accordingly, I raised the rating on flavor from 2 to 3.

This is still my least favored offering from Emile Pernot, but overall it will do.
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