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took a while to grow on me
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appearance- vibrant yellow-green. really nice. after louche, like a pale, foggy pastel green (maybe with very subtle blue tones).

the louche itself isn't very impressive, and a few times i've made drinks that almost seemed not to louche, just get kind of diluted by the water. it seems like maybe this absinthe needs a slower drip to louche well, but even then it's not exciting to watch. it's kind of hard for me to score this because the louche action isn't great but i really like the way the drink looks post-louche.

the aroma before louche to me, is mainly a 'candied' scent. behind that are subtler things like 'fruity', 'minty', etc. very enticing. and course the anise is there too. it's not very strong though, especially after louche when i can barely smell anything.

the flavor of this one has been hard for me to pin down. it seems a little different each time. one of my first drinks from the bottle i had a drink which really didn't seem to louche and it was pretty unpleasant to drink also. since then the louche seems on the thin side and the drink tastes fine. last time the main thing i tasted was 'spicey', with a creamy feel. also slightly minty, and the anise and wormwood are very well balanced. everything just harmonizes.

the finish is where it gets more complex, but it's a bit subtle. to me, it goes in some kind of 'smokey' direction, with hints of fruit. it's pretty mouthwatering.
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