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Delicate (fragile?)
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Coloring is quite pretty as a standard peridot - absolutely proper and traditional. The aroma and taste of Pontarlier wormwood is present and accounted for in a big way... absolutely identifiably Emile Pernot absinthe - powdery and floral. Very, very well balanced with quality ingredients. Delicious. Louche is quite nice - but easy to over water. Best at 3:1 / 3.5/1 as ABV is 56%. Anything higher and you'll be sorry!

This is one absinthe that you really have to pay attention to since it is so very fragile in preparation. Initially, I disliked it as it appeared quite plain to me in terms of flavor - but this is due to my inexperience with the brand and incorrect tempering. It has grown on me quite a bit over time and I now find it to be a wonderful absinthe.
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