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Note: Louched at 2.5:1 creating a final drink at 16% ABV despite my usual preference to review at 12-15% ABV. This was done after some brand research and a decision to re-review due to low ABV of 56% for this verte.

Appearance: A clear and bright gemstone green with a hint of yellow.

Louche: Just a bit thin with hues of orange in the body and a nice gradient of blue at the edges. Lots of the original color is left for an overall pastel green body.

Aroma: Wormwood and anise heavy with a nice mint and hyssop background. Some spice notes are displayed as well as a slight medicinal scent.

Flavor: A very silky body with a nice minty wormwood. The anise notes are sharp and crisp. The strange medicinal flavor on the back of my palate is distracting from an otherwise very fresh tasting absinthe.

Finish: Mint, hyssop, and wormwood dance on a field of anise. Unfortunately that medicinal note lasts longer than the rest and dominates the end of this long finish.

Overall: This is a wonderful absinthe with a distracting medicinal feel to it. The mint is a bit heavy for me as well but still not out of line as it tends to be with other minty absinthes.
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