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Balanced and complex after resting
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Review notes: Bottle was purchased in 2010, reviewed today 2/10/13. Bottle has "L3410" on it -possibly a date code. Bottle has been open two weeks prior to review.

Appearance: A soft, pale lime green color, a shade lighter than olive oil. Attractive and elegant, like stained glass. No sediment is visible whatsoever.

Louche: This is difficult due to the fact that there were things I liked about the louche, and others I didn't. When slowly dripping the icewater, opalescent ribbons swirled and shimmered within the absinthe. The final color is a lovely pale green, but it seems very thin, despite the fact that the amount of water I added was even less than the norm. It did not have the look of 'billowing clouds' that I love.

Aroma: When neat, the first trait in the nose that jumps out is how noticeable the grape base is. There's that, coupled with the fennel which provides an earthy foundation, complimenting the powdery sweetness and scent of freshly cut flowers.
Louched, everything seems blended well, with a peppery sharpness like the thorn to the rose of the anise and grape scents.

Flavor & mouthfeel: It's flavor is much more potent and powerful than the aroma suggests! It's remarkably complex, but also balanced. As I take each sip, I am enjoying the wormwood and anise side by side in the very first moment. There's also a dualistic undercurrent of herbal spiciness and delicate floral sweets. Although it's a little 'hot,' I would say it's ultimately medium-bodied. This review was written while tasting the absinthe with sugar added, although after having a second glass without it, the taste is similar, it's great either way!

Finish: The finish is dry and reminiscent of sweet red wine, eucalyptus, and a slight hint of menthol. I can't believe I finished the glass already in the midst of my review.

Overall: My favorite so far out of the recent releases of Distillery Emile Pernot. I prefer this to Perroquet and Vieux Pontarlier. Would be interesting to compare to Doubs or Roquette, but It has been a while since I've had those latter two. Looking forward to trying Sauvage next. Emile Pernot retains its status in my eyes as a top brand.
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