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Good, but not great...
(Updated: January 04, 2009)
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I had heard a lot about the Belle Amie and was expecting "wonderful things," but I found that while good, this absinthe left me wanting more. The color seemed natural but was an unremarkable olive green, and although I slowly added very cold water in a 3:1 ratio, the louche seemed a bit on the thin side. The color after water was a transluscent, yellowish jade, but there was a certain lack of uniformity that surprised me. Nevertheless, the Belle Amie does get points for aroma and flavor, both of which were very good. In particular, the scent was delightfully clean and refined. The flavor was a pleasing mix of spice and herbal bitterness. To me, the finish seemed a bit off...not unpleasant, but the bitterness almost reaches the point of being obtrusive as one swallows a mouthful. Perhaps it will smooth out with age?

So, overall I like it, but I would not rate it in the top tier.
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