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Ma Belle Amie...Not Just a Song, Anymore, Folks!
(Updated: March 23, 2008)
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This is , bar none, the finest commercial offering from the modern's a true Nimes style absinthe (the wormwood is outstanding)which is huge, and intense in aroma, and flavor, as well as remarkably complex. A melange of herbs wrap around the senses, and caress the palate with top quality anise, fennel, hyssop, coriander(bigtime), melissa, fruit juicy and incredibly floral wormwood (wonderfully fragrant in the finish), and other more exotic spices, which are difficult to place, although cardamom may be one of them. The only slight drawback is a very mild vegetal characteristic which may be the result of going a tad heavy on the coloration herbs, and the louche itself could be's reasonably opaque at a bit less than 3:1, but at almost 4:1 it's a bit light.

The nose is as intense, and complex as the flavor, although it could be just a bit more room-filling...however,it is remarkably similar to, if just a tad less luxurious than the 1914 Pernod Fils aroma, which amazed me.

The color, neat, is identical to the beautiful golden-green hue of the 1914 Pernod Fils, which is remarkable considering it is a subtle feuille mort that usually takes quite some time to appear.

The flavor, yet again, bears a striking resemblance to the 1914, except for that slight vegetal character, and the base not adding quite the depth of flavor that one used in the Pernod Fils adds. Also, I think it could be just a tad richer (after sampling a few more glasses). If I had been sent a sample of this nectar as pre-ban, I would certainly have had no problem believing it was absolutely authentic.

The finish lives up to the initial flavor, and is propelled by that remarkably powerful, incredibly floral wormwood that lingers almost infinitely. This masterpiece is the best example of a Nimes style absinthe I've ever tried, including HGs, and I'd describe it as nothing less than groundbreaking!

Hats off to Heure Verte, Emile Pernot et cie., and LDF for being the first to bring us this wondrous libation.
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