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**Ok after reading the forums, particularly the thread about the Reality absinth, I figured Id post a review based on what I can remember after a sample I had from a friend a few days ago, once I can get another sample I will do a better review.**

Color- Possibly the best thing about this absinth, although a little dark its at least green and natural.

Louche- No louche at all, there are oil trails in the glass but thats it.

Aroma- Not really much there at all, no anise, or an alcohol smell, there is definatly a strong presence of wormwood, though not much else.

Taste- Perhaps I over watered but I didnt taste much at all, there was a slight herbal profile but nothing much, not even bitter, even without sugar. Maybe next time when I try another sample I will have to use less water, although this time I only did about 3.5-4:1 ratio. But I tasted nothing unpleasant at all and no anise.

Finish- To me it finished like water, nothing terrible tasting at all it was very different from a traditional absinthe.

Overall- I would drink again if offered(just for something different), Id most likely never buy it, nothing offensive at all, not even an extreme bitter, from the sample I had, just not much there, perhaps I need less water next time.
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