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Appearance: A bright, fresh, and clear peridot to light-olive hue. Very pretty and natural appearing.

Louche: The color is retained very well with an wonderful opaque-translucent ratio. Just slightly nuanced with a few minor hues but not many.

Aroma: A very balanced aroma that fills just the immediate air and leaves no question as to the ingredients. Each aroma of wormwood, fennel, green anise, and lemon-balm is distinct and respectfully present. The overall smell is sweet and citrusy with a musk-like floral background.

Flavor: Just like the aroma, each component is impeccably balanced and not hidden or nuanced. Complex yet simple in a way. The flavors of wormwood and fennel don't compete with any other herb. The green anise is particularly striking in taste. The quality of the anise had to have been top-notch as the anise flavor in this absinthe reminds me of eating some freshly harvested from a greenhouse. The citrus and floral tones play nicely in the back and the drink covers the palate pleasantly.

Finish: The citrus ramps up immediately with an orange-like tone. The wormwood notes vanish first but otherwise the rest of the finish stays the same as the flavor and lasts a decent while.

Overall: Is this my favorite absinthe, no. Is this a damn good absinthe, yes. The craft and balancing of flavors is an amazing accomplishment. It's not nuanced and delicate but instead opts to burst forth with a few distinct flavors that don't hold anything back. I was wonderfully impressed.
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