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Verte from Helvetia???
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Angelique was the first absinthe from Switzerland to be coloured verte and using wormwood in that process. A typical love-or-hate absinthe, coming from reliable Artemisia distillery.

Colour: very delicate greenish tinge, striving towards yellow, indicates traditional and natural colouration but for my taste could be much darker.

Louche: not too hasty, forms slowly, nice.

Aroma: inviting, herbal, alcoholic, fennel tries to overpower angelica and wormwood, finally absinthe from Switzerland where anise knows its place.

Flavour: Very complex, fiery and spicy, strong wormwoodiness follows the rest and the spiciness burns like a torch on the palate, very pleasant sensation.

Finish: Short-lived, wormwood and angelica, some anise fades away.

Overall: I do not perceive there that awful bitterness some were complaining about, this is very good, well-balanced absinthe which might benefit from stronger colouration.
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