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A Whimsical Delight
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I was pleasantly surprised by Angelique, especially after reading other opinions on this singular green offering from the distiller of Clandestine (my favourite blanche/bleue). I was expecting a detonation of bitter wormwood on the tongue, but instead was assailed by a bouquet of fragrances. It contains a perfume-like, incredibly distinctive floral aroma which sets it apart from its counterparts, which I surmise to be part of the Angelica-forward profile.

Those who dislike wormwood on the attack (such as most of the EPs) should find Angelique a treat, which in my opinion boasts, quite unquestionably, a sweeter, more complex flavour profile than the Roquette or Authentique for example. The addition of sugar really opens it up, so I'd advise not skipping this step, but rather sugaring to taste. I took points off due to my detection of an inferior quality alcohol, probably grain based instead of marc spirit, which had a noticeable chemical taste (like most other spirits, I may add) and left me feeling the buzz rather quickly. I cannot recommend this absinthe more: it is fairly priced and extremely delicious - drinkable everyday.

Appearance: Very green, almost emerald.
Louche: Unremarkable
Aroma: Complex sweet bouquet
Flavour: Smooth, silky, complex, with very little spiciness obscuring the herb profile
Finish: Ordinary and fleeting
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